riflemans Linux stuff

*This is old! There's some slightly more recent stuff here *

Ok - no fancy stuff here, just delivering the goods. :)

Here are a few screenshots of Linux/X showing off a few interesting
features, such as:

  • Fvwm, the most popular window manager for Linux.
  • Wine the Microsoft Windoze emulator.
  • Dosemu (guess :)
  • Fvwm95, a hacked Fvwm with a Windoze-95 look and feel.
  • A very nice hack on fvwm by Rasterman

    I'll add more as things surface.

    Desktop showing off the lot, including the MSDOS emulator.
    Windoze-95 look and feel window manager, featuring the Windoze emulator
    Desktop/FileManager stuff
    Another offering, featuring xripple (water effect at the bottom)
    Rxvts with a nice BG! :)
    Showing off Xaw-XPM and Fvwm-XPM(the predecessor to enlightenment).

    Here is a nice screenshot showing 'Enlightened' motif stuff..Motif-XPM as it were :)
    The X resources file for this particular Netscape is here. The 2 pixmaps are rock2.xpm and rock2a.xpm.

    Mixer update

    I'm currently working on an (as yet) unnamed mixer that follows the philosphy of loadmeter - uses very little screen real-estate, coded in Xlib, small, fast and lean. Above is a screenshot of it so far. It sits very nicely alongside loadmeter!
    I've got a preliminary version out. Very incomplete but working. The next version might also run on Solaris (not yet though - the soundcard API is very different from Linux).

    Version 0.04 is here with a bug-fix and also adds the cursor-geometry thing that loadmeter has.

    Download Mixer v0.04 (19k)

    Loadmeter - v1.20 also with Solaris support

    Loadmeter is a Linux/Solaris system resource monitor that uses very little memory, and is written using raw Xlib. It has numerous features, all described in the README file.
    Version 1.20 (released on 17/9/98) includes support for Solaris.
    Download Loadmeter 1.20 (23k)


    I've released Xaw-Xpm version 1.1...JOY! The web page for it is here.


    XFlame (the 16 bit version)

    Here is a binary of the 16 bit version of Rasters Xflame. There is no source for the 16-bit version available - it has been lost and is not available.
    Download 16-bit Xflame Linux ELF binary (gzipped) (8k)
    Download 8-bit Xflame source(6k)

    Cisco router stats CGI script

    This is a script I've written to obtain summarised information on cisco routers and to display it on a web page. It requires perl and the SNMP modules. Example output from it is here.

    Download routerinfo.pl.

    7 Jan 1999
    Ben Buxton - bb@zip.com.au (Comments welcome)

    I've got a personal home page now!